Treasure: The Movie Review

For those of you who are unaware there is a new movie coming out this year about geocaching! Director Chris Williamson has been working hard to put together this  movie for many months. He allowed me to view the movie before its release. Here’s what I thought:

Treasure is a great, family friendly movie. Erica’s story is one that a lot of people can relate to at least in some part. Everyone has gone through a hard time in life, much like Erica is. Being a geocacher myself, I can tell you that geocaching is very accurately depicted in Treasure. The character of Ryan, played by Matt Mercurio, explains many of the rules of geocaching to Erica (Ansley Gordon). I really enjoyed that many different aspects of geocaching were included in the film, including puzzle and multi caches, trackables and geocoins, swag trading and Cache In Trash Out. While geocaching is a large part of the story, there are many other great parts to it as well. This kept the movie fresh. If the movie was just about people going out and finding geocaches, I’m sure a lot of people would be less than interested. There’s a lot than can be learned from this movie as well; how to deal with grief and peer pressure, how to help your community and how to treat others in general. Overall, a job well done by all of the cast and crew.

Here you can see the trailer for Treasure:


You can preorder a Blu Ray of Treasure by visiting which will be available in June or July 2017.

There a few Treasure trackable geocoins left that you can purchase. There were only 100 minted so they are quite rare and it is the same one that Erica and Ryan find in a geocache in the movie. If you would like one of these collectible coins send $25 via PayPal to If international please add $10 for S&H.


You can find Treasure on social media as well.

Facebook and Twitter and their website

You can also listen to or watch podcast interviews with Chris Williamson (director) and Ansley Gordon (Erica) on the Geocache Talk podcast.

Chris Williamson Interview:


Ansley Gordon Interview:


You Could Win a New Garmin Oregon 750T!

Sonny and Sandy of the Podcacher Podcast along with Garmin are giving away a brand new Garmin Oregon 750T GPSr! Now that’s a great prize. There are things you can do to gain entries into the contest. You can visit the Podcacher Facebook page, follow Podcacher on Twitter, tweet about the contest, write a blog post or a few others as well. You can find all the details with ways to enter at


The deadline to enter is February 10th so hurry up and get your entries in! A be sure to check out the Podcacher Podcast at

I Got Some Great Mail Today!

Today was an exciting day. Today I walked away from my mailbox with quite a few packages in hand. 

The first was a prize package I won from the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast. It included a UV marker and UV flashlight, a log stamper, a GxProxy trackable and an Alaska geocoin. 

The other package was much more exciting!! It was one of the highly sought after Dragon “geocoins” from It is a golden dragon that is just about 4 inches long. He has blue gems for eyes and is holding a bit orb in his front paws. His wings even flap! It is probably the most beautiful trackable item that I own!


GeoGearHeads 220: Logging II

On Thursday, March 17th I was a guest on the GeoGearHeads podcast. We talked about the new markdown used in logs, answered some listener questions about logging geocaches and some features we’d like to see related to logging cache finds. A big thank you to Darryl (DarrylW4) and Chris (The Bad Cop) for having me on the show. Check out the GeoGearHeads website or look for them on YouTube

My Thoughts on Trackables

When I first started caching, I found the idea of trackables very intriguing. Your item can travel the world to places you may not be able to go and you can virtually watch the adventures. I also enjoy helping other cachers trackables and moving them along. I try to move them to a new cache within a few days, but I admit that sometimes I hold onto them too long. It has become hard to find a cache that is large enough and secure enough for trackables.

I have recently begun collecting geocoins and other trackables to keep. I like purchasing geocoins from Mega events that I attend to remember the event. I also like to do geotrails that give you a reward, often a geocoin, for finding a certain number of caches. I also have quite a few other geocoins that I just find interesting. Many of these are displayed in cases at my house but sadly hardly anyone gets to see or discover them. With this in mind, I have hidden tracking codes for some of my trackables on my Geocaching profile page and on my blog. If you find tracking codes on either of these places, please feel free to discover it.

To find out more information about trackables, check out this FAQ page from