Leap Day & HTML Announcements


The past few weeks have come with a few announcements from Geocaching.com.

No More HTML in Geocache Logs

On February 2, 2016 geocaching.com will be switching from HTML and UBB to Markdown for geocache logs. It is said that the advantage of this is that Markdown looks the same regardless of what device you use. There will be a window to preview your logs and an editor tool similar to word processor programs or email. If you have any logs that utilize HTML, they will no longer display correctly after February 2nd. If you really care you’ll have to go back in and edit these logs to make them display properly. It seems that moving to Markdown will make enhancing your logs a bit easier.

For more information, you can read the full article here. You can also use this practice site.

Two New Souvenirs for Leap Day

Last Thursday geocaching.com announced to Premium Members, and today to everyone, that there will be two souvenirs for this year’s Leap Day. The first souvenir can be earned by finding any geocache between February 27-29. The second souvenir can only be earned by attending an event on Leap Day itself, February 29th. Geocaching.com dropped a hint saying “you’ll want to earn both of these…” I have already published an event (GC69B3Z)¬†for Leap Day and plan to put out some fun, surprising new caches for the event.

Read the Geocaching Blog article here.

Geocaching.com Announces 2 New Souvenirs

Today, Geocaching HQ announced that there will be an opportunity to earn two new souvenirs during the New Years holiday. You can earn the Goodbye 2015 souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event on December 31, 2015 and earn the Hello 2016 souvenir by finding a geocache or attending an event on January 1, 2016. Find out the full details here.

I personally really like souvenirs. The designs are usually really well done and interesting. They’re basically electronic stickers for your profile and who doesn’t like stickers? Not to mention that there are challenge caches for earning a certain number of souvenirs.

Thinking of hosting a New Years event? Check out some suggestions here.