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Welcome to my blog, The Life of a Geocacher. I’m Sherminator18. I’m always looking for a new adventure. I especially love the outdoors; hiking, boating, camping, traveling and geocaching. I often enjoy the outdoors and go adventuring with my boyfriend and our dog, Rogue.




In August, 2014 I was preparing for a camping trip to the Allegheny National Forest just over the border of New York into Pennsylvania. I was doing some research online for other things we could do there. I stumbled upon geocaching on the visitors website for Allegheny National Forest, VisitANF. I was almost immediately intrigued. Finding hidden treasure in the woods? I’m in! Although we did not find any caches that weekend while we were camping, I went out the next week on my lunch break from work. I found my first geocache on August 26, 2014. By the end of September I had found 79 caches and found 185 by the end of 2014.

If you don’t know what geocaching is, it’s a high tech treasure hunt of sorts. You use a GPS device or an app to locate hidden containers all over the world.

This blog will highlight the adventures geocaching brings me on, inform others on the latest geocaching news and spread the word about this fantastic hobby.

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