Treasure: The Movie Review

For those of you who are unaware there is a new movie coming out this year about geocaching! Director Chris Williamson has been working hard to put together this  movie for many months. He allowed me to view the movie before its release. Here’s what I thought:

Treasure is a great, family friendly movie. Erica’s story is one that a lot of people can relate to at least in some part. Everyone has gone through a hard time in life, much like Erica is. Being a geocacher myself, I can tell you that geocaching is very accurately depicted in Treasure. The character of Ryan, played by Matt Mercurio, explains many of the rules of geocaching to Erica (Ansley Gordon). I really enjoyed that many different aspects of geocaching were included in the film, including puzzle and multi caches, trackables and geocoins, swag trading and Cache In Trash Out. While geocaching is a large part of the story, there are many other great parts to it as well. This kept the movie fresh. If the movie was just about people going out and finding geocaches, I’m sure a lot of people would be less than interested. There’s a lot than can be learned from this movie as well; how to deal with grief and peer pressure, how to help your community and how to treat others in general. Overall, a job well done by all of the cast and crew.

Here you can see the trailer for Treasure:


You can preorder a Blu Ray of Treasure by visiting which will be available in June or July 2017.

There a few Treasure trackable geocoins left that you can purchase. There were only 100 minted so they are quite rare and it is the same one that Erica and Ryan find in a geocache in the movie. If you would like one of these collectible coins send $25 via PayPal to If international please add $10 for S&H.


You can find Treasure on social media as well.

Facebook and Twitter and their website

You can also listen to or watch podcast interviews with Chris Williamson (director) and Ansley Gordon (Erica) on the Geocache Talk podcast.

Chris Williamson Interview:


Ansley Gordon Interview:


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