The Oamaru Geofest Trackable!

I got some mail recently all the way from New Zealand! I got two really cool pathtags from Nellie also known as Nosynel. The first is one of Nosynel’s personal tags which has a steam punk owl on it, that she had made for the New Zealand Mega that just happened a few months ago. The other is a really cute snoopy tag, which commemorates her work as a Kea scout leader. Both are very nice!


Nosynel sent me these for helping with the Oamaru Geofest trackable. This trackable is being passed from one geocacher to another in order to spread the word about the Oamaru Geofest event in New Zealand next October. Unfortunately it’s been getting cold here in New York and I haven’t had the chance to get out and go geocaching as much as I’d like. But I have taken it around to some nice places in my area.

Nosynel is working to coordinate this event and is hoping to get enough Will Attends for it to be a mega! The Oamaru Geofest (GC6M2V0) will be October 21 & 22, 2017 in Oamaru, New Zealand. If you are at all considering attending please be sure to log your will attend for the event!


Thank you so much to Nellie for sending me these very cute pathtags! I will be sending the Oamaru Geofest trackable along to Startdustzzz in Georgia! Hopefully she can take it on some cool adventures.

You can check out the Oamaru Geofest on many social media sites.

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Twitter: @OamaruGeofest17

YouTube: Oamaru Geofest