Oldest of the Cache Types

Recently I’ve heard a lot of talk about finding the oldest cache in a certain region. It is always fun to find the oldest cache in your county, state or country. I decided to do some research and look for the oldest active cache in my state, New York, for each cache type. Here’s what I’ve found:

traditional_72Traditional Cache

The Spot GC39 – Placed on May 26, 2000. There are 4 other caches in New York State placed in the year 2000 that are still active. They are: Sleepy Hollow – 1 GCAE, Boston Cache GCBF, Turkey Cache GCBE and Hudson’s Folly GC101.

multi_72Multi Cache

Carlton Hill 1 GC8F7 – Placed May 9, 2001. This multi cache originally had two waypoints, but now currently only has one, even though it is still listed as a multi. The 2nd oldest multi that is still active in New York is CNY Falls #5 (GC1275) and it still has 3 waypoints.

unknown_72Mystery Cache

Saxon Woods Ge-“O” -Cache GCC84 – Placed June 15, 2001. This puzzle, near New York City, provides a map with a marked spot. The finder has to use the map and a compass, like orienteering, to find the location of the cache.

letter_72 Letterbox Hybrid Cache

Doink GC3D22 – Placed February 24, 2002. This letterbox cache is placed in Heath Park south of Syracuse, New York. The cache is not found very often and has gotten only 131 finders in over 14 years.

wherigo_72 Wherigo Cache

Henry Hudson’s hidden treasure GC1B3M3 – Placed April 10, 2008. This one is an ammo can hidden south of Albany. Wherigo caches haven’t been around as long as many other cache types. There are also only 42 wherigos currently active in New York State.

virtual_72 Virtual Cache

Air Crash 1 GCF92 – Placed July 7, 2001. This virtual is located on a mountain 3080 feet above sea level and about a 3 mile hike. This virtual is the first in a series of airplane related caches. It features the site of an airplane crash from 1987; the engine and many other plane parts are strewn about the forest.

webcam_72 Webcam Cache

Christy’s Motel GC3C3A – Placed February 22, 2002. This webcam is one of 3 remaining in the state. This one is located at a motel in Old Forge in the Adirondacks. It is very surprising to me that the webcam is still up and running. I have actually done this webcam cache.

earthcache_80 Earthcache

Onondaga Escarpment #2; Glen Falls Earthcache GCMW3P – Placed February 20, 2005. This earthcache is about Glen Falls in Ellicott Creek in Williamsville, just outside of Buffalo. Finders must estimate the width of the falls, also called the crest. I have actually been to these waterfalls many times throughout my life, but haven’t been back since I learned about geocaching.


Have you found any of the oldest caches in your state or country? Let me know in the comments!

Author: sherminator18

I'm from Central NY and love the outdoors. I enjoy geocaching, hiking, camping, boating and traveling when I can. I often go on adventures with my boyfriend and our dog Rogue.

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