Mission GC: Complete!

Mission GC, the summer souvenir promotion from geocaching.com, is complete. Throughout the month of August, cachers had the opportunity to obtain multiple new souvenirs for finding specific geocaches during 3 weekends.

Mission GC 1: Favorites Are Forever

For the first souvenir, cachers needed to find a geocache with 10 or more favorite points to earn the Favorites are Forever souvenir. I found “Auto Art” GCJ8M8 near Erie, PA; a virtual with over 430 favorite points. You can check it out on my previous blog post.


Mission GC 2: One Cache is Not Enough

For the second souvenir, you needed to find a multi cache. I found “Veterans of Sampson” GC6PRWX; a new cache put out for a local event at a state park with a really cool final location.

one cache is not enough

Mission GC 3: The International Cache of Mystery

The final souvenir could be acquired by find a mystery cache. I had a cache in mine for this, “Armstrong Cemetery” GC6PNZN. This puzzle requires you to go to the cemetery and search for 6 different gravestones and then do some math to get the coordinates for the cache. I did find all 6 of the grave markers, but some of the numbers were worn off and hard to read. I just couldn’t get the numbers to work out. Finally after getting home and doing some more number crunching I got the geochecker to give me the thumbs up. The cache was an easy find after that.


To my surprise there was a bonus souvenir if you completed all three missions! This was a cool little surprise that I enjoyed.


Overall, I enjoyed this summer’s Mission GC. I thought the puzzles were reasonable and the requirements for obtaining the souvenir weren’t too drastic. I know a lot of people could care less about souvenirs, but I think they’re fun. It gives me a little encouragement to get out and find caches I might otherwise not seek out. And I enjoy looking through my souvenirs and remembering all the fun things I did to get them.


Did you get all the Mission GC souvenirs this summer? Tell me about it in the comments!