Leap Day Weekend Caching

This year geocaching.com offered 2 souvenirs for this year’s Leap Day. The first souvenir could be earned by finding a geocache between February 27-29 and the second souvenir could only be earned by attending an even on Leap Day, February 29th. They hinted in their blog post that “you will want to earn both of these.”
On Saturday, February 27, my boyfriend, McDoogins and I went into town with our geopup Rogue to find some caches. Our first stop was GC6BTFJ “Bookworm” in a small park in our town. It was a very creative cache but unfortunately we did not find it in the condition it was intended to be in. We found the cache probably 50 feet away from the intended location. I’m hoping that it was not found by some muggle teenagers. We continued walking through town so McDoogins could find some caches that I had already found.

On Monday, February 29, I hosted an event at a different local park, GC69B3Z. Since I had to work that day I made the event from 5 – 5:30pm. I wasn’t going to be a big event; just a quick meet up so the local cachers could get the souvenir. Some prizes were kindly donated by IB Geocaching and the cachers really enjoyed them. I had a mob cache publish for the event where 6 cachers had to be connected to a site in order for the coordinates to the cache to pop up. In total there were 28 attendees at the event. Sadly, I completely forgot to take a group photo.


Have you figured out the hidden message in the two Leap Day souvenirs? If you haven’t take a look at the Geocaching.com blog post here.

Author: sherminator18

I'm from Central NY and love the outdoors. I enjoy geocaching, hiking, camping, boating and traveling when I can. I often go on adventures with my boyfriend and our dog Rogue.

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