Pursuit of a Lonely Cache

On Saturdays I usually spend some time with my “Little” from the Big Brothers, Big Sisters Program. I’ve been introducing her to geocaching and I think she has been enjoying it so far. It was only slightly above freezing this Saturday so we found one geocache together before we decided to move inside to somewhere warm. We opted to head to the library where I showed her how to sign into geocaching.com and log her finds on the computer. I brought her to my area’s holiday party a few weeks ago and she even won some prizes! Here’s the group photo from our holiday party, GC654F2.

2015 GeoRoc Holiday Party and Family Event

After I dropped her off, I headed back out into the cold to find some geocaches on my own. First, I wanted to attempt a new multi that came out a few weeks ago. It was put out by an Eagle Scout who, along with some other boys, were creating trails in the area for their final project. They had also placed multiple benches and made bird and owls houses for the area. I had no idea these trails had been put in here until I was searching for this cache. That’s one of the things I love about geocaching; it brings me to places I would have otherwise never discovered. The final container also looked like a wrapped Christmas present, ribbon and all. Check out the cache page here: GC67J2J

A Geocache Present!

After almost freezing my face off finding the multi, I headed over to a section of trails known as the Ontario Pathways. It once was a railway but since it was abandoned, it has been converted into quite a long section of continuous section of trail. It’s a very popular trail for geocaches in my area.

There is one geocache along the trail that I attempted to find last winter, but DNF’ed because of the snow. Quite a few cachers have also not been able to find it, so I reached out to a fellow cacher who had found it in 2013 and they were able to give me a hint.

Lots of DNFs..

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after over 30 minutes of searching in the cold, I found the cache! It hadn’t been found in over a year and in fact I had found it on it’s 14 month anniversary of being lonely. Check out this cache page here: GC3PV71

Last find 10/19/14

Today my boyfriend, McDoogins, and I had his family Christmas party to attend but luckily there were a few geocaches and quite a few Munzees nearby. We were able to sneak away to find two caches and I was able to capture quite a few virtual Munzees.

9th Annual GeoRoc Holiday Event

This year my local geocaching group needed a new volunteer to host our annual holiday party. I’ve hosted quite a few events before so it was suggested to me that I should host this year. I decided to buck up and do it. We had it at a fire department’s pavilion. From my best estimate we had about 75 people attend. We had a lot of food, games and fun. So far there’s been 54 attendee logs. I had a fantastic time and here’s some photos from the event.

Our log “book” made of snowflakes
Starting the raffle

JAKSolantern also put out a puzzle cache that was themed around Christmas movies and it was right near the event. Many cachers solved the puzzle at the party and went out in search of it. The container was a fantastic birdhouse and a smaller decon container and log were Velcro-ed inside it. Really amazing. It got a favorite point from me.

Huge birdhouse!
A present inside! A hand painted decon coantiner

See JAKSolantern’s newest cache here GC67QBY

NY Amish Geotrail Rewards

Today, in the mail, I got the rewards I earned for completed Parts 1 and 2 of the New York Amish Geo Trail last week. I received 21 magnetic buttons with different scenes depicted on them, one for each cache that I found.

I also received two trackable geocoins, one for each section of the trail that I completed. You can view their trackable pages here: TB6TFRB & TB5F37F

Powder Mills Park Caching

This Sunday, McDoogins, geopup Rogue and I spent the afternoon in Powder Mills Park in Victor, NY. We found 4 caches in the park, including a puzzle that had previously stumped us. Powder Mills Park is very hilly and we stumbled upon a section with lots of gigantic pine trees. I think this is becoming my favorite types of places.
A group of cachers in Rochester set up a Christmas tree in Webster Park with a geocache under it. Over the years cachers have placed their own ornaments with their names on the tree. Each year a new tree is selected and the ornaments are placed on it. This cache was published while we were out so we meet up with JAKSolantern to head over for it. Since we were already out and were so far from home sadly we didn’t have ornaments of our own to add to the tree. Maybe next time.
A little Charlie Brown tree GC67HV4