Black Friday Caching at Zoar Valley

This Black Friday I decided to #OptOutside and tag along with a group of 12 cachers from the Rochester area on the annual caching trip. This year the location was Zoar Valley Multiple Use Area in Erie and Cattaraugus Counties.

The initial goal for our group was a 4 stage multi “PurpleHawks finds 10,000 – Zoar Valley Multi” (GC48PZT). We parked very near the first waypoint and were able to figure out the trick fairly quickly. We proceeded through the hills and slopes of the park finding the next two waypoints. We found 3 other caches along the way. The view of the valley was breath taking.

On the way to GC29AR2
View from GC4NAFZ

We finally made it back to the final of the epic multi and it had coordinates for a bonus cache in it. Overall a great time at Zoar Valley.

After that our group split up and JAKSolantern, SpadeNya and I headed off in search of caches for the New York Amish Geotrail.

There are two parts of the geotrail. For each cache there is a keyword listed that you write down and send in. For each one you find, you get a Amish Geo Trail button. If you find 10 of the caches for either geotrail you get a trackable geocoin.

All the caches were ammo cans and were hidden at local shops or historic places. We ended up finding 20 out of the current 23 caches in about 6 hours. Check out the NY Amish Geo Trail here

Overall a fantastic day with 38 total finds and got to experience a beautiful new area with great friends! 
Find the details about the NY Amish GeoTrail at

Author: sherminator18

I'm from Central NY and love the outdoors. I enjoy geocaching, hiking, camping, boating and traveling when I can. I often go on adventures with my boyfriend and our dog Rogue.

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