JAKSolantern’s 1000th Find

Yesterday, October 24th I tagged along with one my geobuddies JAKSolantern as he set out to find his 1000th geocache find. The first stop of the day was allowing him to find his Golden Ammo Can that a group consisting of myself, geo.elisha and SpadeNya (JAKSolantern’s song) had hidden in his honor. The cache was a 2 stage multi featuring JAKSolantern’s favorite animal the owl. The first stage was hidden in a fake owl that we allowed him to take home with him and put to good use (hopefully as a geocache). He made quick work of the find and was happily awarded with a bunch owl themed swag and a 1000 Finds geo-achievement coin.

JAKSolantern and his Golden Ammo Can

After that, our group made their way from Rochester to Buffalo to find a very elusive traveling cache that just happened to be in the Buffalo area. We met up with Tucci’s Team who was currently in possession of “Fly… MARS ROVER Traveling Cache” (GCC6B). We spent some time chatting with Tucci’s Team before heading to Chestnut Ridge Park for our main find of the day.

Fly…Mars Rover Traveling Cache

JAKSolantern selected an earthcache “Eternal Flame Fall Earthcache” to be his 1000th find. The eternal flame is a natural phenomenon where methane gas is escaping from a small grotto in the rock and will produce a continuous flame when lit. A small waterfall cascades over the flame and makes for a spectacular view.

We finished off our caching day with some great pizza and wings. A great way to end a tiring but fantastic adventure.